En Unique Bracelets was started earlier of May in 2016. This company is wholly owned by Janice Teo, a mother of two kids. At first, she was doing bracelets for her little girl as a hobby. From there, she falls in love into making more and more bracelets. In the end, it becomes her passion to create these beautiful accessories on her own for a business.

The bracelets created by En Unique Bracelets are unique as each bracelet made has its owned design and pattern. En Unique Bracelets is promising a bracelet which handmade and homemade that creates with love and passion. Aside from bracelets, En Unique Bracelets also providing anklets, earrings and necklace from several of choice design and pattern.

We also has few services like personalize your own design of bracelet or even customized your bracelet size. Customer can create their personalize bracelet from any beads, charms, alphabets or names that suits their interest. Besides, En Unique Bracelets always concerned about you whereas providing you a bracelet within your own budget.

Bracelets from En Unique Bracelets can always be a great idea for you to present your love for those important persons in your life. En Unique has been always providing service to send the bracelets on behalf of the customers as a gift to someone you love. Thus, you can give a surprise to your love on their special day or any occasion. Contact us now!

Swarovski Pearl Bracelets

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