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En Unique Bracelets

We believe that bracelets are things which can helps us to be more attractive and versatile. En Unique Bracelets are unique on its own as each kids bracelet made has its owned design and pattern. En Unique Bracelets is promising a bracelet which handmade and homemade that creates with love and passion. You may choose one now from our various collections to find out new design in kids bracelet.

There few types of beads that we used in our bracelets. There are high quality with details on selecting perfect bead before we made the bracelet. Beads that we are using are Glass Pearl, Coral beads, SWAROVSKI pearl, Acrylic beads, Rhinestone, Resin Stripe Beads etc. Our famous beads is SWAROVSKI PEARL!! It bring out an elegance look on you!

Each of the design is Unique as it is origin design by EN Unique Bracelet. Find out more on our unique bracelets and grab your now! To Enjoy our latest promotion!


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Korea Hair Accessories
We provide trendy good quality and trendy Korea Hair Accessories in Malaysia. En Unique has korea fashion hair accessories like Korea Hair Barrette, Korea Hair Clip, Korea Pearl Hair Clip, hair pin, headband, and so on. A hair clip can make you outstanding !! Try it!
Hair Clip Organizer
This hair clip organizer helps you and kids to organizer hair clip easily , anytime and anywhere. It is like an keychain, you can hang it on your bag, it is so seet and beautiful!
Mother & Daughter Bracelets
There will always be this special bond and layers of happiness that surrounds a mother and daughter.
Kids Necklace & Anklets
Bring happiness to your kids with our colors and joyful necklace.


Thank you dear I've received the parcel yesterday, wow an earning too, lovely design and color too. Thank you so much for the lovely gifts
Chan My

Chan My

Like swarovski crystal pendant too much that i wear to work almost everyday. Many customers said nice
Daph Lee

Daph Lee


Since 2015




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